Boards and Spreads Review

Boards and Spreads: Sharable, Simple Arrangements for Every Meal

By Yasmin Fahr

I received a free copy of Boards and Spreads from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

Feast upon more than 65 recipes for platters and boards, including dinner-worthy spreads, appetizers, breakfast, snacks, and more inspiration for anytime-eating 

Boards All Day presents more than sixty-five recipes for beautiful, delicious boards and epic spreads for sharing-friendly meals, from breakfast through dinner. Going far beyond the standard cheese board or charcuterie board, here you will find countless ideas for how to create colorful platters and spreads with easy, flavorful recipes to fill them, like the Italian Aperitivo Board with Crispy Prosciutto Caprese; Any-Night Tacos with super-quick sheet pan shrimp, and rotisserie chicken that you spice up yourself; and breakfast spreads like the make-your-own Egg Pita Sandwich Board. Even drinks can be served board-style, whether it’s a Bloody Mary Bar or the DIY Daytime Drinks set-up for a crowd. Plus, there are plenty of quick recipes for dips, snacks, and other fun add-ons that you’ll turn to time and time again for countless meals, like Za’atar Flatbread, Smashed Olives, Quick-Pickled Shallots and Jalapenos, and Two-Minute Feta Dip.

Whether you’re looking for a snackable spread or grazing board to serve when having people over, searching for the perfect food to share for an outdoor get-together, or simply looking for easy-to-make recipes that you can throw together on a whim, Boards All Day is full of ideas for turning everyday ingredients into festive, low-effort meals.

Summary from Goodreads.

Have you ever seen fancy platters that a selection of cheeses, grapes, crackers and such like on it? The style that you are probably used to seeing is called a Charcuterie Board, which is a selection of meats with foods that compliment the meat. You might have also seen a Cheese Board, which a selection of cheeses with foods that compliment the cheeses. This style of eating is perfect when you are having people around to eat, it means that people are able to pick and choose what they want.

Boards and Spreads is split into 7 different chapters: Boards for Breakfast; Breads on Boards; Snacking Boards + Salad & Veggie Platters; Dinnertime Boards; Take It Outside; Accents + Add-ons; and Dips, Spreads + More Fun Things. Each section contains a selection of more board inspirations that recipes per-say. While certain aspects of each board may include items that include a cooked item, I found that each board is easily adapted to suit your tastes without compromising the intercity of the dish unlike more traditional meals.

Some of the boards included are certainly interesting, but I certainly found myself skimming over a lot of it. Some of the boards are very interesting and I can certainly see myself wanting to try certain aspects of them, but majority of these were just not of particular interest to me.

While a good selection of ideas, I found it to be lacking that certain something that would make this a book that I would reach for regularly.


Have you read Boards and Spreads? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Check it out on Goodreads here.

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