Ever had bad book recommendations?  Or want an honest view on the latest and greatest books?  Uncovered-books is exactly what it say.  Books, uncovered.  No messing around.  No bias.  Just my opinion.

Okay, i may be a tad bias towards Star Wars.

I have been reading books since i was little, with the Rainbow Magic book series getting me hooked as a 3 year-old.  Since then i have delved into many different genres of books, but focused on my interest of science-fiction and went though the ‘Young Adult’ book phase.  Still deciding if i am out of that phase yet.

I have had my fair share of bad books, or books not being what i thought them to be and want to help YOU have a fair view on what you want to read.

Beacuse no-one likes a bad book.


6 thoughts on “About

    1. 08dprice

      I love the CHERUB series!! Not so much the 2nd series but the original was amazing. It sucks how not many people read them as they are hilarious!! Have you read the prequel series, Henderson’s Boys?


      1. BeanCountingBookworm

        I read the first Hendersons boys but I sort of grew out with it but I loved the original cherub series. It’s so funny and was really British. It was a nice connection. I just never got hooked on the Henderson boys because I found cherub to be funnier and that’s what kept me coming back to those


      2. 08dprice

        It gets better in the last few but I do agree that the original CHERUB series is just amazing. I cannot wait for New Guard to be released later this year as it brings back the whole original team!


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