Let’s Talk In Travelling Japanese Review

Let's Talk In Travelling Japanese

Let’s Talk In Travelling Japanese

By Nihongo Ink

I received a free copy of Let’s Talk In Travelling Japanese in exchange for my honest opinion.

【Content introduction】
Enjoy VR videos on your smartphone & PC!

Learn on the all-color page!
Let’s go to real Japan without a passport!
“I understand a little Japanese”
“I studied a little but it was difficult so I stopped it.”
We provide Japanese learning materials for those who are!
“Learning with cute characters while traveling in Japan”
In the shortest time with an unprecedented learning method
You can learn the “usable Japanese” that suits you now.
If you study in this curriculum
Three months later, I can understand Japanese culture in Japanese!
“People who want to enjoy Japan more”
“People who want to learn more Japanese”
Introduction of Japanese language learning materials for.
【Each chapter item】
Scan the QR code of each chapter of 14 plays animation and VR video
You can enjoy learning Japanese by watching!
■Chapter 1 Get ready to go to Japan!
■Chapter 2 Where to go sightseeing?
■Chapter 3 What? The hotel … -Culture shock-
■Chapter 4 Lunch is decided by sushi!
■Chapter 5 Let’s go to Shinjuku’s Golden Gai!
■Chapter 6 Arrive at Fukuyama!
■Chapter 7 Let’s visit Fukuyama!
■Chapter 8 Now, Sensuijima!
■Chapter 9 What is Tomoya’s older brother?
■Chapter 10 Cheap and delicious local gourmet.
■Chapter 11 Let’s run along the Shimanami Kaido!
■Chapter 12 Pirate’s rice ball
■Chapter 13 Let’s buy souvenirs
■Chapter 14 Let’s come to Japan again!
【Learning purpose】
・I want to meet people in Japanese.
・I want to visit and sightsee Japan.
・I want to know the history and culture of Japan.
・I want to live in Japan.
・I want to be happy from working in Japan.

Summary from Goodreads.

The blurb of this book says that it is aimed at people who understand a little bit of Japanese and have stopped because they are finding it difficult. I am firmly in this camp. I have been attempting to learn Japanese for longer than I would like to admit, I have multiple books with numerous attempts at learning this language. I am able to recollect some words and a few basic sentences but beyond that it is a mystery. I thought that this book would be a perfect tool for me to attempt to learn with a practical application of being able to communicate while travelling.

Well, this entire book is in Japanese!

I do not know how I am supposed to be learning how to speak Japanese is I do not even know what it is they are trying to get me to say. I feel like this book is not aimed at beginners and more intermediate Japanese language speakers who want to know what to say while travelling Japan. But honestly y that is just a guess as I cannot read it!

That being said the illustrations are cute.


Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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