Ask An Astronaut: My Guide To Life In Space Review


Ask An Astronaut: My Guide To Life In Space

By Tim Peake

I received a free copy of Ask An Astronaut: My Guide To Life In Space from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

What happens when you sneeze in space? Was it fun to do a space walk? How squashed were you in the capsule on the way back? What were your feelings as you looked down on Earth for the first time? Were you ever scared? Where to next-the Moon, Mars, or beyond?
Based on his historic mission to the International Space Station, Ask an Astronaut is Tim Peake’s guide to life in space, and his answers to the thousands of questions he has been asked since his return to Earth. With explanations ranging from the mundane–how do you wash your clothes or go to the bathroom while in orbit?–to the profound-do humans have a duty to explore the unknown?–all written in Tim’s characteristically warm style, Tim shares his thoughts on every aspect of space exploration.
From training for the mission to launch, to his historic spacewalk, to re-entry, he reveals for readers of all ages the cutting-edge science behind his groundbreaking experiments, and the wonders of daily life on board the International Space Station.
We invite the public to join us in submitting new questions using the hashtag #askanastronaut, and the most exciting will be answered by Tim in the book, along with illustrations, diagrams, and never-before-seen photos.

Summary from Goodreads.

As someone who has alway been in-awe and inspired by space, Ask An Astronaut is the perfect book to give you an inside look at what it is like to be an astronaut, and more importantly how you can become on elf you wish!

Set up in the form of Tim Peake answering various questions with the occasional illustration to give better insight into items like the Soyuz spacecraft and an astronaut space suit. Peake has also included some of the photos that he took whilst he was in space, as well as some from when he was training to go to space.

Split into 6 section (not including an afterword), Peake manages to cover the most frequently ask questions that any astronaut gets asked. In  ‘Launch’, he details exactly what exactly goes on inside the Soyuz spacecraft and what it feels like to be strapped on top of an 300-tonne rocket. In ‘Training’ he details the exact training that is required for all aspect of life in space. In ‘Life and Work on the ISS’ he explain what it is like to live and work in microgravity. In ‘Spacewalking’ he details how you prepare for a spacewalk (it is a lot more complicated that it looks). In ‘Earth and Space’ he details how the experiments that they are conducting on the ISS (both inside and outside of its walls) are benefiting us back here on Earth. And in ‘Return To Earth’ he explains what it is like to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 25 and what astronauts so in the immediate few weeks after returning from space.

Whether you are already deeply interested in space, or are looking for a book to read with a young child, Ask An Astronaut will leave you more excited about space than before.


Have you read Ask An Astronaut: My Guide To Life In Space? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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