The Miracle Of Meditation Review


The Miracle Of Meditation: Opening Your Life To Peace, Joy, And The Power Within

By Ryuho Okawa

I received a free copy of The Miracle Of Meditation from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

There is more to meditation than simply sitting quietly and emptying our mind. When we look within and practice contemplative meditation, we will be able to connect to a higher world, and receive inspirations and guidance to live a better life. This book introduces various types of meditation, including calming meditation, purposeful meditation, reading meditation, reflective meditation, and meditation to communicate with heaven. Through reading and practicing meditation in this book, we can experience the miracle of meditation, which is to start living a life of peace, happiness, and success. With how-tos and answers to common questions about meditation, this simple but profound book will awaken your soul and encourage you to start living a more mindful, positive, and fulfilled life.

Summary from Goodreads.

As someone who frequently meditates, whether it is by sitting down or when I practice yoga, I went into The Miracle Of Meditation expecting to find insights into why meditation work and how to get back to basics. What I received was a few very interesting thoughts mixed in with a lot of face-palming.

Lets start off with what got me face-palming so much, “connect to a higher world, and receive inspirations and guidance to live a better life” i.e. heaven. Whilst I understand that it does say this on the blurb, I did not realise how much Okawa was going to rely on it to convey everything. The only good thing that I found from this is that it will hopefully make people realise that meditation itself is not spiritual, you can make meditation suit your own spiritual needs.

Aside from the continuous mentions of heavy spirits and relevant things, I personally found only a few lines here and there to be truely useful for anyone. Okawa explained how breathing does help calm you down if you get frustrated and annoyed, which I found very helpful as I could never understand why it worked.

Whilst a handy guide for meditation, very few people will truely benefit from this.


Have you read The Miracle Of Meditation? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

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