A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms Review


A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms

By G.R.R. Martian

The Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms is a novella bind-up for the Tales Of Dunk And Egg, set as a prequel to the Song Of Ice And Fire series by G.R.R. Martian.

If reading Game Of Thrones, or any of the other novels in the Song Of Ice And Fire series looks too hard for you, but you still want to read about the world of Westeros, than the novellas are the perfect place for you to start.

Their are three novella in this bind-up, The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight. Each of these novellas follow Dunk, a hedge knight, and Egg, who is actually Aegon Targaryen, who will eventually become King of Westeros. I would recommend reading each of these three novellas in order, as they do flow on from the previous one, almost like a book series would.

The Hedge Knight

In The Hedge Knight, we find out how Dunk and Egg meet each other, and it sets up their friendship for the following novellas. I only read this in one sitting! I got so engrossed in how Dunk and Egg meet, and also how certain events happened, as Egg is Maester Aemons bother.


The Sworn Sword

In The Sworn Sword, Dunk and Egg visit a minor land owner and help resolve the dispute. I did not enjoy this novella quite as much, but it was still very interesting.


The Mystery Knight

In The Mystery Knight, Dunk and Egg go to a tourney and get involved in another Blackfyre rebellion! This is the most relevant of the three novellas to the events of A Song Of Ice And Fire, as the Blackfyre rebellion is a key event in the history of Westeros, and some cameos were implied, which also made their most current versions motivations a lot more clear.



These three prequel novellas are very interesting reads that do have a significant impact of the current time of Westeros.

If you do enjoy the Game Of Thrones TV show, or the Song Of Ice And Fire book series, then  these novellas are defiantly worth while reading, as they are not as hard to read of the main books.


Have you read A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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