Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods Review

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

By Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan, you have done it again. “Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods” was great, as I have come to expect from you.

The Percy Jackson series is what got me interested in Greek mythology about 10 years ago, and it is nice to read about Greek mythology again (without the Roman mythology crossover thing that happened in The Heros of Olympus).

It was interesting reading Percy narrating this book, with his sometimes bias opinion about certain gods (*cough* Zeus, Ares and Poseidon*cough*). Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods explains the origins of all the Greek Gods, Goddess, Titans etc. The Greek gods family tree is very confusing, as you would expect.

I found it really interesting to read how each of the Greek gods, goddess titans etc became how they are known personality wise in the Percy Jackson universe.  From the mythology point of view, it explained how the gods got their godly powers, animals, plants etc.  Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods only talked about the 12 Olympians, and a few main other, as-well that the gods parents, the Titans, and their Grandparents, Chaos, Ouranos and Gaia.

Greek Gods was written in the style that Percy Jackson and Heros of Olympus was written, which I quite enjoy.

If you want to get a basic understanding of Greek Mythology, but actually want to enjoy reading about it then I would defiantly recommend reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.


Have you read Percy Jacksons Greek Gods? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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