Blaster Books Webzine #1 Review

I was given this book by Kevin to review.Blaster Books Webzine #1

Blaster Books Webzine #1 is a complication of 4 short stories. Each short story is Science Fiction based, with very different story lines.

The Major by Iain Ishbel

I didn’t understand this short story. For me I found the premises of the book, an ex-soldier on his retirement day asking for a weird version of pornography to be made legal just confusing. It was written well but it felt like a weird fan-fiction story.

It doesn’t feel like ‘The Major’ ended right. It just stopped. With no explanation of much really.


Jupiter Jones
by Ellen Denton

When I saw the title of this short story, I was like ‘this sounds like a Jupiter Ascending fan-fiction’, because Jupiter Jones is the main character in Jupiter Ascending.

Anyway. ‘Jupiter Jones’ was quite nice, with some nice twists. Tom wants to murder his wife and goes to Jupiter Jones to do so. To do this he time-travels into the past. Personally I found the logistics of the time-travel element under thought, but Denton gave a sufficient explanation for me not to question it.


Dark Cathedral by David A. Owens

The planet Dashid is a planet heavily devoted  to religion. When a man is found to be using science, a forbidden subject, he is subjected to a trial. ‘Dark Cathedral’ started out promising, but didn’t manage to keep my attention through to the end. I would have liked ‘Dark Cathedral’ to be longer, for a short story, and explain why science is basically banned.


American Gothic by Ellen Denton

I don’t even know what happened in this short story. It has a good premise, but the execution was just poor. I understand that short story’s are supposed to make you think, but ‘American Gothic’ just doesn’t have any flow or logic. It jumps around without much connecting text and after re-reading it, I am just as confused about what it’s about. Possibly how genetically is we keep messing around with nature, it will get back at us? I just do not know.



An interesting collection of Short Stories, with each story being completely different.

I would recommend reading Blaster Books Webzine #1 if you are interested in Science Fiction books.


Have you read Blaster Books Webzine #1? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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