Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine Issue #7 Review


Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #7

By Geoffrey Thorne, Yvel Guichet (Illustrator), Ariel Olivetti (Illustrator)

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Chapter Seven – Exhilarating Performance: Machinesmith has taken control of all mechanical systems of Wakanda and is determined to next take over the entire planet. Will the resistance forces of Wakanda have time to deploy the prototype?

Summary from Goodreads.

In the penultimate issue of Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine, the Wakandan scientists and the Takumi Masters dive into Machinesmith’s Mainframe to see if they can find and exploit a weakness in Machinesmith.

Even though what occurs in this issue is crucial to the storyline, it felt somewhat anticlimactic and its sole purpose was to set the scene for the final issue. Even though I can understand them wanting to go out on a high note, this issue seemed like a filler which was there to give you information rather than move the story forward.

The artwork worked better in this issue, which was because it spent more time in cyberspace. Even though the cyberspace scenes did look better than the one set in real life, they were not working as well as they did at first for me. Maybe this is because they do not seem to have much life drawn into them, but that does seem to be an overall issue with this series. The artwork has not drawn me into Wakandan society and has not gotten me excited about the story.

Only one issue left in this series, so either whatever the Wakandan Scientists and the Takumi Masters found will work, or Machinesmith will take over the world.


Have you read Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #7?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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