Teen Titans: Year One Review


Teen Titans: Year One

By Amy Wolfram, Karl Kerschl (Penciller), Serge LaPointe (Inker), Steph Peru (Colourist), John Rauch (Colourist)

The first time I was exposed to the Teen Titans was in the animated TV show in 2003 – 2007.

This was very different from the TV show that I remember.

The art style suited the teenage vibe happening with these teenage superheros. Lots of colour and vibrance drew my eyes in the right direction.

The storyline was about the creation of the Teen Titans. Whilst I never knew how the Teen Titans decided to join together before this, the story that made them join was an enjoyable one and one that I could see happening in this universe.

An enjoyable entry into the Teen Titans comics and I would recommend this to most people.


Have you read The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Get it on Comixilogy here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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