Jurassic Park Review


Jurassic Park

By Michael Crichton

This is the novel that the 1993 movie was based off.

Do not go into this thinking that a) it will be like the movie and b) that it is an easy read. To me it felt like I was reading The Lord Of The Rings or A Game Of Thrones all over again with how long it took me to get through it. Not that I found it unlikeable, I absolutely loved it! It just contains so much information that it is just one of those reads that takes its time.

The book is a lot gorier than the movie, which was not what I wanted to find out when I was reading it at 11pm. I did not have the best night sleep that night to say the least. I was also surprised by how different it was to how I expected it to be. The novel made the whole idea behind Jurassic Park seem more plausible, as well as the following dinosaurs trying to kill everyone and everything.

Quite a few ‘iconic’ scenes that are in the movie were not in the novel, which I did myself looking for them and being disappointed. But then there were scenes in the novel that I absolutely loved that were not in the movie.

One thing that bugs me is not that Alexia is the younger sibling in the novel (I am pretty sure that she is the older one in the movie), but that she just will not shut up! Alexia was constantly complaining that she was tired or hungry, even when they had dinosaurs chasing after them.

Honestly, I could go on all day as to how different the novel is compared to the book, but all of the changes (in my opinion) were necessary. It would be almost easier to go into reading Jurassic Park thinking of it as a seperate entity to the movie if you saw that first (like majority of people will).

Overall, I prefer the novel to the movie and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Jurassic Park movie.


Have you read Jurassic Park? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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