The Joker: Endgame Review

The Joker: Endgame

By Scott Snyder (Writer),  James Tynion IV (Writer),  Becky Cloonan (Writer),  Brenden Fletcher (Writer),  Frank Tieri (Writer),  Brian Buccellato (Writer),  Cameron Stewart (Writer),  Greg Capullo (Illustrator),  Danny Miki (Illustrator),  Roge Antonio (Illustrator),  Felix Ruiz (Illustrator),  Roberto Viacava (Illustrator),  Walden Wong (Illustrator), Christian Duce (Illustrator),  Ronan Cliquet (Illustrator),  Jeff Stokely (Illustrator),  Clio Chiang (Writer/Illustrator),  Joy Ang (Writer/Illustrator),  Bengal (Illustrator),  Kelley Jones (Illustrator),  Graham Nolan (Illustrator),  John McCrea (Illustrator),  Sam Kieth (Illustrator),  Dustin Nguyen (Illustrator),  Derek Fridolfs (Illustrator)

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DC Nation (2018 – ) Issue #0 Review


DC Nation #0

By James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Scott Snyder, Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Alejandro Sanchez (Illustrator), Jorge Jimenez (Illustrator), Clay Mann (Illustrator), Dexter Vines (Illustrator), José García-López(Illustrator)

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