Energy Work For The Everyday To Elite Athlete Review

Energy Work For The Everyday To Elite Athlete: How To Achieve Optimal Sports Performance

By Cyndi Dale

I received a free copy of Energy Work For The Everyday To Elite Athlete from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

You can be your own energy coach. You can boost recovery, optimize training, and improve athletic performance. World-renowned healer and author Cyndi Dale presents the ultimate book on applying energy practices to athletes and coaches of all ages and levels. Featuring more than fifty-five hands-on exercises, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about subtle energy and sports performance.

All sports-related challenges are energetic in nature, and so the solutions also lie in the world of energy. Cyndi shares many tools from her energy medicine bag, including injury prevention and care, the keys to mechanics, athletic preparation, dealing with ups and downs, coaching, and more. Her techniques have helped an injured football player heal in half the average time, a downhill skier start winning competitions again, and a seventy-five-year-old woman prepare for a spiritual quest in Spain. They can help you, too.

Includes forewords by Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar, holistic heart doctor and author, and Ryan Morris, coach and former MLB pitcher

Summary from Goodreads.

As an elite athlete, I am always looking out for things that will help me get a competitive edge over my fellow competitors. So when I saw that this book could help boost your recovery, optimise training and improve my performance I was instantly intrigued. Unfortunately, I did not get too far into this book before I gave up reading it. The last time that I did not finish a book was back in 2017, so not finishing a book is unusual for me.

This book is quite a long one at 275 pages not including the index. It is split into 2 main parts. Part One is called Get Ready and Set!; and part 2 is Energy Work For The Athlete. Most informational books that I tend to read are shorter than this, so I was hoping that this book would have been abundant with useful tips and tricks with it being so much bigger than comparable books.

The very first chapter feels like she is trying to convince you that her way works with vague description of how her techniques laters on in this book worked. Unfortunately telling me that ‘later on I will explain how this worked, I am just letting you know that it does now’ is not how I believe that a book that is trying to teach you something should be organised. At no point in the first few chapters does she explain what it is exactly that she is trying to teach us, which certainly left me very skeptical when she goes onto say that “With his trainers peering at us, I conducted my energetic ‘magic’. Within ten minutes, Gabe’s arm was back to full mobility, with absolutely no residual tenderness.”. When someone describes what they do in an informational book as ‘magic’, even if it supposed to be a joke, I struggle to take whatever is going to be said seriously. This certainly set the tone for this book for me, and I did not last more than 20 more pages before I gave up.

The only redeeming thing in this book is that it cites it sources, on almost every page. It is nice that if I was interested in further reading of the article and papers that she is referencing I would have easy access to do additional research myself.

Even thought I did not finish this book, I did skim through the parts that I did not read. Nothing later on in the book convinced me to go back and give it a second try. I would not recommend this book to anyone who is not already interested in charkas and spiritual energy.


Have you read Energy Work For The Everyday To Elite Athlete? What did you think? Let mw know in the comments.

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