Quiet London Review

Quiet London

By Siobhan Wall

I received a free copy of Quiet London from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

This is the complete guide to the hidden gems, the quiet and peaceful spaces that make London such a special place, now updated with even more places to visit.

England’s capital is a big, exciting, bustling city. But not everyone wants to be in a busy, noisy place. Sometimes Londoners and visitors alike need somewhere peaceful where they can talk, relax or read a book.

This charming guide can show you where to find these hidden, peaceful places in the midst of the capital’s hustle and bustle. From lesser known gardens and parks to tucked away cafes and galleries, this unique and original guide will take you off the beaten track in search of attractive places where you don’t need to strain to hear each other speak!

A city guide like no other, it is full of interesting and quiet places to meet, drink, eat, swim, rest, shop, sleep or read, with short descriptions, travel and contact details for each place and illustrated with simple but atmospheric photographs. A must-have guide for both Londoners and visitors to the capital.

Also available in the London Guides series is London Villages, a guide to the unique and independent villages that make up the great city of London and contribute to its unique charm.

Summary from Goodreads.

Have you ever been to London and wanted to admire its beauty, but wanted to do it where it is not crazy busy? Quiet London shows you places for you to take a step back and breathe.

The locations in here are separated into similar places: Museums, Libraries, Small Shops, Places of Worship, Bookshops and Galleries are some of the locales included in here. Each location had an image of it, as well as important information about it. Info for each place includes its location, cost, when it is open, if it is wheelchair accessible, as well as what the place is actually about. While I personally do not plan on visiting London in the immediate future, majority of my family lives just north of it so I will certainly be recommending some places for them to visit and see what they think of it themselves.

A good guide if you want to step away from the bustle of London for an hour or two.


Have you read Quiet London? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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