Infinity Drive Review

Infinity Drive

By Ross Richdale

I received a free copy of Infinity Drive from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

To overcome intolerance, she’ll have to stay true to her history-and her heart.

Brittany spends her days fearing arrest from the humanz and the IMPACT police force for something that seems like it shouldn’t matter: she’s too tall. On Sympia, something like that is enough to get a person in deep trouble. When one day the IMPACT surrounds her building, Brittany’s only hope is to escape with another Sympian species, the spherical little silfs.

But there is another reason the IMPACT wants to capture Brittany: She is the carrier of a transmitting device that emits a signal to her human ancestor Alessandra McLean, captain of the galactic cruiser Strabo. As Brittany and her small crew of outcasts escape to space aboard the Strabo, guided by the holographic memory of Alessandra, they discover that beyond the stars, an even greater enemy lurks.

Summary from Goodreads.

I love science fiction, so when I read the synopsis of Infinity Drive, it appeared right up my alley. Unfortunately, despite the amazing potential and ideas that went into Infinity Drive, I was ultimately left disappointed.

To start off with, we mainly follow Brittany throughout the story, although others perspectives do come and go. She is not that memorable, even though she is the main character. She ends up on the run from the authorities, and for majority of the book she is thrust from situation to situation where she ends up letting others make her own decision while she feels like she is the one calling the shots.

The biggest thing that I found disappointing in Infinity Drive is how the final few chapters concluded the book. They felt very rushed, almost like Richdale wanted to skip over the events that occur at the end, which seemed like they were a major occurrence! This is extremely unfortunate as it would have made a brilliant follow up in another book what was skipped over.

Overall I was left underwhelmed. While 14 year old Danielle would have fallen in love with a book like this, 24 year old Danielle does not.


Have you read Infinity Drive? What did you think? Let me known the comments!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it onAmazon here.


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