Alex Rider: Never Say Die Review

Alex Rider: Never Say Die

By Anthony Horowitz

The world’s greatest teen spy is back in action in a thrilling new mission: destroy once and for all the terrorist organization SCORPIA. 
Following the events of Scorpia Rising, Alex relocates to San Francisco as he slowly recovers from the tragic death of his best friend and caregiver, Jack Starbright, at the hands of terrorists working for SCORPIA. With Jack gone, Alex feels lost and alone, but then, out of the blue, he receives a cryptic email–just three words long, but enough to make Alex believe that Jack may be alive. Armed with this shred of hope, Alex boards a flight bound for Egypt and embarks on a dubious quest to track Jack down. 
Yet SCORPIA knows Alex’s weakness. And the question of whether Jack is alive soon takes a backseat to a chilling new terrorist plot-one that will determine the lives of many. 
From Egypt to France to Wales, from luxury yachts to abandoned coal mines, Alex traverses a minefield of dangers and cryptic clues as he fights to discover the truth. The #1 New York Times bestselling series, perfect for fans of James Bond, Jason Steed and Jason Bourne, is back with a vengeance!

Summary from Goodreads.

I cannot remember the last time that I have read an Alex Rider book. I honestly thought that after Russian Roulette, that was the last book in this series, so I was surprised when I went into my local library and went into the young adult section for the first time in over 3 year and saw not just 1 Alex Rider book that I had not read but 3 new books! Turns out that I have some catching up to do!

The premise of Never Say Die is set in the aftermath of Scorpia Rising, Alex has moved in with Sabina’s family and relocated over to the states. Once he receives an email that he believes that Jack has sent, he is set on finding out if she did in fact die in the desert like he believed. One thing that I had honestly forgotten is that Alex is so young! I thought that he was almost 18, but he had only had his 15th birthday in the weeks previous to the book starting. I do struggle to get my head around him having done everything that he has in around a year, let alone while he was so young.

While this is a young adult novel, it was not like any other YA books that I have read in recent memory. It is extremely well written, and while I did not plow through it like I would have whilst I was in high school, it was still an enjoyable read that I got through quickly.

A good continuation of the Alex Rider series.


Have you read Alex Rider: Never Say Die? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

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