Grow More Food Review

Grow More Food

By Colin McCrate, Brad Halm

I received a free copy of How To Grow More Food from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

Just how productive can one small vegetable garden be? More productive than one might think! Colin McCrate and Brad Halm, former CSA growers and current owners of the Seattle Urban Farm Company help readers boost their garden productivity by teaching them how to plan carefully, maximize production in every bed, get the most out of every plant, scale-up systems to maximize efficiency, and expand the harvest season with succession planting, intercropping, and season extension.

Along with chapters devoted to the Five Tenets of a Productive Gardener (Plan Well to Get the Most from Your Garden; Maximize Production in Each Bed; Get the Most out of Every Plant; Scale-up Tools and Systems for Efficiency; and Expand and Extend the Harvest), the book contains interactive tools that home gardeners can use to assist them in determining how, when, and what to plant; evaluating crop health; and planning and storing the harvest. 

For today’s vegetable gardeners who want to grow as much of their own food as possible, this guide offers expert advice and strategies for cultivating a garden that supplies what they need.

Summary from Goodreads.

A lot more people are starting to get interested in how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Having a one-stop-book for how to get started, or to improve your current setup, is a great way to improve your knowledge and improve your garden.

Grow More Food is separated into 5 seperate sections, as well as a handy garden planning worksheets and charts. Each chapter actually does give you tips and ides depending on the size of your own fruit and vegetable garden, what size is best to start at, and also how to scale up your garden if you would like to in the future.

The first section is around planning ahead and keeping records. You are walked through how to map out your garden from your current setup, and how to plan to rotate your crops.

The second section is all about building healthy soil. How to best prepare your soil for planting, as well as how to maintain the quality of your soil are very important aspects of gardening that are easily explained in this section.

The third section is about getting to know your plants. How to select seedlings, which seedling are better as to be transplanted or can be directly seeded into your garden give you the best chance at having an amazing growing season. Also you get to know the basics of how to manage pests and diseases here.

The fourth section is about creating efficient systems. This is the only section that I would say is more for the avid gardener. How to set up a home nursery and how to start your own transplants are more for the experienced gardeners, so once you get the experience at least you will know how to continue growing your garden.

The fifth section is about extending and expanding your harvest. Since crops grow seasonly, how to extend your growing season, as well as the best time to harvest, and more importantly, how to correctly store your harvest will have your crops lasting longer for you.

Finally, the included garden planning worksheets and charts are just super handy. A great quick reference if you are wanting to double check when to plant a certain crop, or how long they take to grow.

This is a one-stop book for all of your gardening knowledge, but it does not also overload you with too much information.


Have you read Grow More Food? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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