Punch Needle Friends

Punch Needle Friends: 20 Adorable Projects to Embroider

I received a free copy of Punch Needle Friends in exchange for my honest opinion.

Discover the world of punch needle embroidery with this modern take on a rediscovered craft

New to the world of punch needle embroidery, or an expert crafter looking for a fresh challenge? Punch Needle Friends is the perfect guidebook for both beginners and expert level needle crafters and the ideal introduction to a fun and new embroidery lesson: learning how to create 20 different contemporary animal motifs.

With easy step-by-step instructions, handy templates, and beautiful photography, Cathy and Faustine Duwicquet walk readers through everything they will need to know about punch needling. Not only will readers develop a brand new set of punch needle skills, they’ll have an impressive (and adorable) new project to show for it.

Summary from Goodreads.

Have you heard of punch needling? I would say the best way to describe it as a form of embroidery that works up quicker and is a lot easier for all ages to do. Instead of using a needle and thread, which create really small stitches, you use a punch needle and yarn that is used for knitting or for crochet. Since the yarn used for knitting crochet is thicker than the thread used for embroidery or cross stitch, you are able to fill up the canvas quicker which would certainly suit anyone looking at starting to embroider.

Punch Needle Friends is designed for the absolute beginner. Everything is explained very clearly without becoming too overly complicated. In these patterns, you are taught to use 4 different types of stitches, with the patterns provided progressively including more of these stitches and becoming more complicated in design.

My only complaint is that all of the project designs that are provided as part of this book are all animal, and more specifically their faces. I would have like to have seen maybe one or two slight variation in the designs as I quickly found myself skipping through in hope of a different pattern to try.

I personally cannot wait to give punch needling a try! This book will certainly be very helpful in my adventure into this world.


Have you read Punch Needle Friends? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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