Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5 Review

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5

By Matt Jacobs,  W. Haden Blackman,  Shawn Fillbach,  Michael David Thomas,  Lee Evandon,  Justin Lambros,  David Nestelle,  Chris Avellone,  Stewart McKenney,  Dan Jackson,  Matt Fillbach

Strap in for another tour through the highly charged Clone Wars Adventures! 

As the fires of the Clone Wars burn across the galaxy, heroes on both sides of the conflict emerge, and no matter what the outcome, the galaxy will be forever changed. Presenting four more pulse-racing tales of knock-down, drag-out action and adventure, all told in the same stripped-down stylization as Cartoon Network’s micro-series.

Summary from Goodreads.

Well this was a blast from the past. If you did not know, before The Clone Wars animated tv series that came out in 2008 with the characters the we have now come to know and love; there was another animated Clone Wars tv series on Cartoon Network from 2003 – 2005 for 3 seasons.

In this volume, we have 4 different stories. The first is around Aayla Secura and her adventure on Endor. The second is with Bail Organa and his visit to the plant Metalorn. The third is around Clone Trooper Captain Rex and one of his battles. The last is with Padawan Joc Sah and his first solo mission.

The art style in this is exactly what you see one the cover. Blocky with heavy lines, so very much in line with the 2006 tv animated series. I personally liked this more older style of illustrations and found that it suited the stories.

This would be the perfect book to introduce young readers to the expanded universe of Star Wars, or if you really just enjoy the old Star Wars material.


Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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