A Modern Guide To Textured Crochet Review

A Modern Guide To Textured Crochet: A Collection of Wonderfully Tactile Stitches

By Lee Satori

I received a free copy of A Modern Guide To Textured Crochet from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

A colorful and contemporary collection of stitches, crochet techniques, and projects for creating rich and appealing texture in your work

Crocheters looking for more texture, depth, and contemporary design will delight in this colorful new guide. Aimed at the experienced beginner to intermediate level crocheters with some extra ideas aimed at more advanced makers, the book covers a variety of textured crochet techniques–from the straightforward to the more complex and unusual –along with beautiful projects designed to showcase them.

Get ready to explore the beautiful textures that can be achieved with crochet–Bobbles, Popcorns, Clusters, Puffs and more. Each chapter guides you through a new stitch or stitch progression with photos, detailed instructions and diagrams to ensure you can follow along easily. In addition to simple, on-trend projects perfect for gifting or use in your home or wardrobe, you’ll find useful tips for saving time and troubleshooting, and additional ideas to explore.

Summery from Goodreads.

I am new to crochet, like most people I have taken it up due to lockdowns and not wanting to go crazy. While I have managed to get started with the basic stitches, I feel proficient enough now to give some more complex stitches a try.

Split into and introduction and 5 different sections, A Modern Guide To Textured Crochet aims to introduce different stitch pattern to you in a very easy to understand and broken down way.

The first section ‘An Introduction To Textured Crochet’, introduces the more standard and well-known textured stitches. Including the bobble stitch, the puff stitch and the shell stitch; you are guided into how these are made, and a project that utilises some of the stitches introduced to you in this section.

The second section is ‘Spring’. Every stitch in this section is inspired by spring, including stitch such as the embossed stitch, the crab stitch and the spring cable. Again with this section, you have a project that includes the stitches that you were introduced too.

The third section is ‘Summer’. With stitches like the lemon peel stitch and the diamond waffle stitch being taught in this section, you can definitely get the summery feel from these stitch and the accompanying project.

The fourth section is ‘Fall’, have you noticed the pattern here yet? The stitches taught in this section include the basket weave stitch, the jasmine stitch and the acorn stitch. The Fall project is extremely suitable to the season, and the stitch pattern makes for a beautiful piece.

The fifth and final section is ‘Winter’. This section has to be my favourite section of the book by far. With stitches such as the rib stitch and the winter cable, this section is what most people would typically associate with homemade crochet items.

All of the stitches comes with a stitch chart and key for you to be able to easily make these in the future. The stitch charts are explained as to how to read them (as other patterns in the future do use these so it is handy to know how to read them). I cannot wait to sit down and give all of these a try, I am already thinking of things that Could make with these!

This would be a great place to expand your crocheting skills, but you should have a solid foundation of basic crochet stitches before picking this up.


Check it out on Goodreads.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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