Hangeul Master Review

Hangeul Master

By Talk To Me In Korean

Go from being a novice to a Hangeul Master in a short time with this book! Hangeul Master is chock-full of everything you need to know about Hangeul!

-Short History of Hangeul
-Quick Guide to Writing Hangeul
-Basic Pronunciation of Hangeul
-Fun Facts
-How to Read Handwritten and Stylized Korean

Summary from Goodreads.

If you are learning Korean, you need to be able to read and write Hangeul 한글.

Divided in multiple sections to make your ability to understand as easy as possible. We start off with the history of Hangeul. A very interesting section that details how Korean was created, unlike every other language. Next up is Introduction to Hangeul. Here we go over the basic structure of Hangeul as well as a chart of the Korean consonants and vowels.

Next up actually learning Hangeul. You start with learning the vowels. Then move onto consonants broken down into 2 parts. The compound vowels is also broken down into 2 parts. Next is bat-chin, followed up by double consonants. Compound consonants as bat-chin are up next, and they are explained in a very easy to understand way. Finally linking sounds in Korean explains the nuances of why certain words are not pronounced as they are spelled, but why they are still spelled a certain way.

After all of these learning modules, with a multitude of quizzes and audio assistance, around half of Hangeul Master is dedicated to different styles of Korean handwriting. While it may be all well and good being able to read and understand Korean that is written very cleanly on a computer or a phone, in the real world, individuals handwriting is so vast that if you were to see someone own writing you may find it indistinguishable. But this is the same with any language. Not only is a plethora of different handwriting styles shown, but why these more common handwriting styles are used. They also encourage you to test out your own handwriting style to help you take ownership of you Korean language learning journey.

The perfect book for anyone learning Korean.


Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.

Get it on the Talk To Me In Korean Website here.


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