Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine Issue #5 Review


Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #5

By Fabian Nicieza (Illustrator), Michael Bowden (Illustrator), Ariel Olivetti (Illustrator)

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Chapter Five – Imaginative: The battle against Machinesmith is taken to the virtual world as the Takumi Master and Wakandan scientists attempt risky virtual attacks on the digital invader. But will the sacrifice be worth it?

Summary from Goodreads.

Issue 5 of this 8 issue mini-series gave us the reason why Machinesmith is trying to control the Wakandan Central Processing Core, what achieving this will accomplish.

With Machinesmiths plan finally becoming clear and also starting to move into the next phase, the Takumi Masters and the Wakandan scientists are forced to try a new way to stop him. The Wakandan scientists think that they have a way to stop Machinesmith, but at this point, it is purely speculation as to whether their plan will work or not.

The artwork in this issue, whilst it has not changed from the previous issues, it just did not seem to work as well as it had. The colour palette seems very monotone, even though it has plenty of colour. Maybe if the vibrance was turned up a tad, then it would draw your eyes to the correct part of the page, or maybe just the page itself.

With only 3 issues left, the Takumi Masters and the Wakandan Scientists have a lot left to do to defeat Machinesmith.


Have you read Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #5?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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