Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine Issue #4 Review


Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #4

By Fabian Nicieza, Michael Bowden (Illustrator), Ariel Olivetti (Illustrator)

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Chapter Four – Thoughtful: The secret plan is put into motion to build a very special machine to stop Machinesmith, but it is not without risk. The team must access the Cybernetic Plane, giving Machinesmith access to their thoughts…in order to access his.

Summary from Goodreads.

This series seems to keep getting better and better. This issue we finally get an understanding of why Machinesmith is trying to change the world, and how the Wakandan’s and the Takumi Masters will manage to stop it.

Whilst finding out how and why Machinesmith is going about changing the world was the main purpose of this issue, we also get a very good lesson about how the Wakandan people treat the land and why they treat the land as they do. It shows that they care about what the impact they have on not just the land, but its other inhabitants but they also recognise how they are also apart of this cycle. Whilst I may have made it sound very eco-friendly and trying to get people to think more about how they consume products, Nicieza does it in a way that makes you understand why others are concerned about the environment.

The artwork in this issue pretty good as well, they are still nailing the use of blocky lines for their interpretation of cyber-space and it does work perfectly in its context. Outside of cyber-space however, I am still not enjoying its use and I just find it very jarring.

Only 4 more issues left in this series so I wonder how the Wakandan’s and the Takumi Masters will manage to defeat Machinesmith.


Have you read Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #4?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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