Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine Issue #3 Review


Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #3

By Chuck Brown, J.L. Giles (Illustrator), Ariel Olivetti (Illustrator)

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Chapter Three – Yet Philosophy: Wakanda has been infiltrated by the artificial intelligence known as Machinesmith. Can the Wakandan student scientists and their Takumi Master partners stop the spread of the Biotechnic Invasion?

Summary from Goodreads.

Week 3 of Soul Of A Machine, with the Black Panther and the Takumi Masters figuring out how to stop Machinesmith they go about trying to create a plan to stop him.

The majority of this issue takes place in cyberspace, or more specifically in Wakanda’s mainframe. We see Shuri team up with one of the Takumi Masters to try and find Machinesmith in cyberspace, and their banter was quite interesting, and it shows how smart Shuri is.

The artwork seems to be getting better with every issue. Maybe it is because the blocky line is better suited to cyberspace, which in my mind is very blocky and chunky. Since the majority of this issue was set in cyberspace, everything has more of a green tone, as we all seem to associate green with computing, thank you ‘The Matrix’.

This issue is so far been the best and has made me a lot more interested in how things are going to pan out from here on in.


Have you read Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine #3?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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