Action Comics #1 Review


Action Comics #1

By Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster (Illustrator)

I received a free copy of the 2018 Action Comics #1 reprint in a giveaway on the collectors website Gemr. If you have not heard of Gemr, I would highly recommend checking them out as they are a great way to catalogue and show off your collection, whether it be comic books, to movies, collectable figures to watches. I have been on Gemr for quite a while if you want to check out some of the stuff that I have collected, click here.

The debut of the world’s most recognizable superhero! Learn the original origin of the Man of Steel in his very first appearance! This issue also features the first appearance of Superman’s Lois Lane and the superhero magician Zatara!

Summary from Goodreads.

This is the first time Superman was ever in a comic book, so to say that I was curious as to how his first outing went is a bit of an understatement. Action Comics #1 contains other comics such as Chuck Dawson and Sticky-Mitt Stimson, but I do not particularly feel like reading those right now so I will only be reviewing Action Comics.

Before I review the comic book I have to say that I was surprised when I read this comic as the paper that it was printed on felt like newspaper! Whilst most of you will be like why is this a big deal, I just found it great that for this reprint they made it as authentic as possible by printing it in the same materials that it was printed in back in 1938.

Lets start with the storyline. I found that it set up Superman’s / Clark Kents character very well for only 13 pages. In the first pages it shoes what Clark Kent is capable of, and what is motives are. It was very obvious how future writers of Clark Kent / Superman drew from this original comic and continue to try and keep Superman at his roots as it works.

The art style is what you would expect from the 1930’s. Block colours with a very limited colour palette, whilst do look old compared to modern drawing styles, somehow manage to simplify what is going on (even though that was all that was available on printers at the time). It forces you to pay attention to the story instead of the wonderful world that the artists have drawn (no offence intended).

If you have not read the first ever issue of Action Comics I would highly recommend it if you enjoy comic books. It is the starting place of superhero’s and should give you an appreciation for how much the superhero genre has evolved over the years.


Have you read Action Comics #1?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Get it on Comixilogy here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.



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