Green Lanterns Volume 3: Polarity Review


Green Lanterns Volume 3: Polarity

By Sam Humphries, Robson Rocha (Artist)

I received a free copy of Green Lanterns Volume 3: Polarity from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.

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The Green Lanterns head to Gotham City to team up with Batman! Facing their fears, the team must bring down the Scarecrow and a new toxin. Then, the First Lantern returns, seeking his power back. Plus, Polaris strikes again!

Collecting: Green Lanterns #15-21

Summary from Goodreads.

This was simply amazing. I honestly cannot describe how much I am loving both the Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps series (they will be crossing-over soon as well!).

Once again the art work was amazing. I have no idea how they manage to not oversaturate the page with green considering how much it is used. Also my eyes were drawn to where the ‘action; of each panel was, but still not forcing me to not take in everything as I always like to see what is happening in the background.

This volume comprises of Jessica and Simon having to help Batman in Gotham, then we get some backstory for Volthoom, the first Lantern. Finally Doctor Polaris makes some moves that force the Green Lanterns to try and stop him. Both Simon and Jessica have some amazing character development in this volume, with Jessica still learning to control her anxiety and Simon trying to learn to trust his Green Lantern Ring. Whilst this is only the tip of what occurs during volume 3, it would be best for you to read what both Jessica and Simon go through yourself to fully understand why these choices are major decisions.

This Green Lantern series is just blowing me away and if you have not gotten onto reading this, then this volume is a great place for you to.


Have you read Green Lanterns Volume 3: Polarity? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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