The Seventh Sun Review


The Seventh Sun

By Kent Lester

I received a free copy of The Seventh Sun in exchange for my honest opinion.

A stunning debut novel about corrupt government agencies and terrifying conspiracies using the latest developments in science, technology, and oceanography

In a breathtaking debut drawing on complex science and recently discovered deep-sea biology, Kent Lester has married fast-paced narrative and cutting-edge, reality-based science to produce an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

A seemingly random murder off the Honduran coast leads scientist Dan Clifford to a massive corporate conspiracy. Illegal, automated, undersea operations have unwittingly awakened a primordial organism that turns host organisms into neurotoxin factories, wreaking havoc with aquatic life and the nearby human population. This maleficence threatens to trigger a worldwide outbreak that could end in human extinction, the Seventh Sun of ancient myth.

When the CDC and the full resources of the U.S. biological threats team fail to uncover the source of the devastation, Dan and a brilliant marine biologist, Rachel Sullivan, must plumb the deeps and face an unimaginable, ancient horror in the murky depths. It’s up to them to stop this terror before a determined multi-national corporation unleashes death on an unsuspecting world.

Summary from Goodreads.

I always try and give a book at least 100 pages before giving up on it, not to say that I got 100 pages in but if I have not gotten interesting in whatever was occurring then chances were that it was not going to change. I got about 38% though The Seventh Sun before reaching this point (but I had been trying to read it for over 3 months though).

Even though I did give up on this, it started out really promising. Scientist Dan Clifford has created a program that an predict ‘black sheep’ events. A black sheep event is those rare metrological events that cause major catastrophe like a tsunami. Since this machine can predict these extreme events, it can also accurately predict the weather for 2 weeks. Imagine knowing exactly what the weather was going to do 2 weeks in advance!

Once we are explained the basics of this program and its capabilities, things grind to a halt. Dan goes on holiday and finds a murder victim. This is where I ended up as nothing seemed to be happening and since I had been trying to read it for about 3 months, I figured that it just was not for me.

The writing style for what I read was very in-depth. Lester was able to explain a complex machine that can predict extreme events in an easy-to-understand manor. Not only was he able to explain it extremely well, he made it interesting! Unfortunately this did not continue forwards and I quickly lost interest in what was happening.

As this book is a stand-alone you may enjoy it more than me but I was not drawn into the story enough to continue with it.


Have you read The Seventh Sun?  Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.



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