Justice League Of America Volume 1: The Extremists Review


Justice League Of America Volume 1: The Extremists

By Steve Orlando (Writer), Ivan Reis (Penciler), Joe Prado (Inker)

I received a free copy of Justice League Of America Volume 1: Rebirth from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.

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From the pages of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad!

From the wreckage of the deadly clash of the world’s greatest–and the world’s worst–heroes comes a brand new Justice League of America made up of some of the most unlikely heroes to ever join the League!

Rising star writer Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Supergirl) and superstar artist Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, DC Universe: Rebirth) bring together the Ray, the Atom, Vixen, Killer Frost and more in what is one of the most offbeat and compelling lineup the Justice League of America has ever seen. Featuring epic battles and personal struggles, this is a League like the the world has never seen before!

Collecting: Justice League of America 1-6

Summary from Goodreads.

Batman decides that humans need a human version of the Justice League to inspire them, so he gets Killer Frost, Vixen, the Atom, Ray, Black Canary and Lobo to form this Justice League of America (not that I understand how Lobo would ever be considered human but I am not complaining). This team are forced to work together when they hardly know each other, which makes for interesting fight sequences and conversation.

What makes the Justice League of America unlike most team-ups if both Lobo and Killer Frost. They both bring a spontaneity to the team, which otherwise would most likely be a boring team-up of heroes that play by the book. Killer Frost is trying overcome the Killer part; but everyone is focused only on that and are not willing to look past it. As for Lobo, well he gives the team an edge that they greatly benefit from, not to mention forcing members of the team into making decisions that they never thought that they would have to make.

My only complaint is that the art is all over the place, literally. I was constantly struggling to focus on what was going on as my eyes were just unable to settle on the page. Whilst this works in some comics favours as the storyline calls for this, it just does not work when their are so many characters that require attention. I feel like the art style was made for Lobo, then they decided that they needed to add in the other characters as they were part of the team. It did not feel like each individual was properly showcased in how they deserved. I was constantly looking for Lobo and what crazy antic he was up to.

Worth the read, but do not go into this expecting it to be like the majority of comics that you have read this year.


Have you read Justice League Of America Volume 1: The Extremists? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

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