Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men Review


Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men

By Steve Orlando, Brian Ching (Artist), Emanuela Lupacchino (Penciler), Ray McCarthy (Inker), Michael Atiyeh (Colourist), Steve Wands (Letterer)

I received a free copy of Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.

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A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

Supergirl moves to National City! As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth. But some demons from her Kryptonian past are coming back to haunt her, and Kara will find herself face-to-face with her father: the sinister Cyborg Superman!

Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Midnighter) comes a new beginning for Kara Zor-El in Supergirl, Volume 1, Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men a new series that is sure to appeal to fans of the TV series!

Collecting: Supergirl 1-6, Rebirth

Summary from Goodreads.

For someone who has only ever watch the Supergirl TV show that is currently on The CW, I found Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men to be a very good introduction to the Supergirl character.

The storyline focuses on Supergirl as she has to get used to being a ‘human’ on Earth whilst working for the DEO. Whilst she is finding this balance, she goes to the Fortress of Solitude to find comfort in what remain of Krypton. Whilst she is there her father, Zor-El finds her, but he is not completely her father. He is part cyborg, and is driven to revive Argo City from destruction. How Supergirl overcomes this and come to peace with not being able to revive Argo City was very impressive.

The art style was unlike what is currently going on in the DC Rebirth comics. It seemed almost cartoonish, but it worked in its favour. Since the storyline was not as serious as it could have been, a more serious art style (if you could call it that) would have just not worked.

Whilst it seems to be aimed towards the younger audience that watches the TV show, most people will enjoy this volume.


Have you read Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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