Top 5 Wednesday – March 29th

Hello all and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This weeks top 5 is your top 5  books that you thinks will one day be considered classics.

I am not a fan of classics. They have just never interested me; but that being said I do believe that some books that I have read from more recent times do have the potential to become classics. I do think that the definition of what a classics will be for this generation will change due to generations tastes changing as we progress forwards.

As everyone idea on what modern is, I decided that a modern classic, for me, has to be from 1990’s and later. I have plenty of books from pre 1990’s that I would consider classics but I feel like they already are as they already classics. So anyway, on to my top 5 books that I think will one day be considered classics.

  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire series by George R. R. Martin

I would say that once this series is concluded (if George R. R. Martin ever gets around to finishing them that is), and a few years have past it will be considered a classic. The first book, A Game Of Thrones, is almost already considered a classic but in my opinion because it is part of an ongoing series it cannot become a classic.

  1. Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

Like A Song Of Ice And Fire, Harry Potter is almost a classic; it just has not been long enough since it stopped to be considered a classic in my opinion. It already has the same makings of classics and I can see it eventually becoming almost required reading at high school.

  1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I feel like Ready Player One is going to be the start of a new type of classic novels. It is the perfect example of what our world enjoys, not the old classical’s like Jane Eyre and the likes. Ready Player One will be remembered as almost a cult-classic and the movie being made by Steven Spielberg has the potential to rise it to a must watch for everyone.

  1. Ender’s Saga by Orson Scott Card

Probably more 2 – 4 then the first; the Ender’s Saga deals with the potential problems that the human race will encounter in the future. The way that Scott Card brings about these issues, but makes them easier to understand by making the differences more pronounced. I believe that it will become a classic due to how it challenged us to look at what we are doing to not only our world, but the other species on it; but it did in the wider context of the galaxy.

  1. The Martian by Andy Weir

With NASA planning on getting Man onto Mars in the next few decades; I feel like The Martian (both the movie and the book) will be a classic because of the impact that it had on the world and getting us excited about the prospect of us going to Mars. Yes, it is not the first book on Mars, nor will it be the last. What sets The Martian apart form the rest is how widely loved it has become. It does two jobs, showing how easy it is for humans to work together and also shows that it is possible for us to go to another planet. Whilst others may not see it as a classic, I believe that the impact that it has already had on us is tremendous and undoubtedly going to continue to affect how we view different planets and space-travel.

So those are my top 5 books that I think that will one day become classics! Are you doing Top 5 Wednesday? If so link to your post in the comments! It is always interesting how different everyone’s tastes are! Click here to go to the Goodreads page for Top 5 Wednesday and click here to go to my archive page for all of my Top 5 Wednesday posts.

Until next Wednesday, Danielle.


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