Blogger Appreciation Award


A massive thanks to Jer’s Comic Books for nominating me for the Blogger Appreciation Award. Waking up and seeing stuff like this makes me realise that my suggestions may actually help people select their next read. This is especially good now as I am in a bit of a reading slump and concentrating on other stuff like making my Jyn Erso cosplay (I would love any tips on this!) and my golf, so thank you for giving me some motivation to read a bit more Jeremy! Jer’s Comic Books is a blog that I frequently visit to find out what is happening in the comic book world and see if he has read any comic books that I need to get my hands on.

Jer’s Comic Books blog’s mission: ” My purpose with this blog is to share what I find to be fascinating with comic books. It might be the story or just the front cover. Whether it be good, bad or a single book from the middle of a series, I will share it.”

Jeremy said the following about my blog: Danielle @ Uncovered-Books. Danielle’s slogan on her blog states “because no-one likes a bad book.” This great blog is all about getting to the source of truly great books. Whether it be graphic novels or just novels in general, Danielle has dedicated her blog to setting the record straight on what books you should or should not be spending your time with. Following her blog has given me much insight into what I should be reading more of. Thank you for saying these lovely things about me and my blog! I truely appreciate any compliment that you give me. I will start review more novels again soon, but DC Comics has been giving majority of their collected volumes from the Rebirth line to review and I still have a couple left! I hope that my reviews for the rest of the Rebirth line is as good as my other reviews.

The Blogger Appreciation Award is a way to give back to those who have been creating fantastic posts that draw the reader in demanding everyone’s attention. It is also an award given to those who might not be getting much attention, but still deserve it. It is my pleasure to show my appreciation for other bloggers. One of the great things about the blogging world is that there is plenty of respect and kindness to go around, and this is one way to show it. If you are not on this list, and I am following your blog, rest assured that I appreciate your blog just as much as these below.

Outer Rims Reviews – Outer Rim Reviews is my goto Star Wars blog. Whether its a Star Wars book, or her thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, I love being able to read about Star Wars from someone who is as passionate about it as me.

The Brunette Bookworm Blog -If I ever need any ideas on what to read next, then I always checkout The Brunette Bookworm Blog. She enjoys reading primary the same genres as myself so I know I can always find out what I should read, and what I should avoid.

emeraldB – Not a book blog, but a lifestyle & cosplay blog! EmeraldB is primary a cosplay blog, and I love the inspiration, tips and enthusiasm that comes across in each and every post. Her blog is the primary reason why I decided that I wanted to cosplay as Jyn Erso as she makes it seem so easy to do! When I actually get around to doing more than research I am sure I will keep going back daily to give me inspiration and motivation that I can do it myself.

These three blogs are some of the blogs that I regularly visit, and recommend that you do too. Whilst I have only mentioned three, this is not a complete list of every blog that I follow. I feel like out of the blogs that I follow (that do not have this award already, you know who you are), these deserve more recognition than they are getting.



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