Hal Jordans And The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law Review


Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law

By Robert Venditti, Ethan Van Sciver (Artist), Rafa Sandoval (Penciler), Jordi Tarragona (Inker), Tomeu Morey (Colourist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), and Jason Wright (Colourist)

I received a free copy of Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.

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A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! 

Hal Jordan is about to go from the head of the Green Lantern Corps to an army of one. Jordan’s long, illustrious–and tumultuous–tenure with the Corps takes several hairpin turns. At lightspeed. Toward a black hole. In a blender!

For starters, the Green Lantern Corps has disappeared, and now Sinestro’s own Corps enforces his uniquely brutal brand of law and order in the universe. As a result, Jordan has no ring to sling, or Sector 2814 (a.k.a. Earth) to protect. (So more of the usual for Hal!) 

Green Lantern veteran Robert Venditti teams up with Rafa Sandoval and Ethan Van Sciver to pilot Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1: Sinestro’s Law!

Collecting: Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps 1-7, Rebirth

Summary from Goodreads.

I have always been torn about the Green Lanterns; I love that they are space based and are very selfless. But I have to date, never found a story about the Green Lanterns that has gotten me excited for them. Sinestro’s Law was no exception.

Lets start with the art style, I like how even though green and yellow are major colours used (for obvious reasons), they did not dominate the pages. Even when panels were filled with only Green Lanterns, they did not over-saturate the image with green. I do feel like this could have been done wrong very easily and kudos to the artists for managing this very fine balance.

Whilst the art very above average, the storyline is something that should be memorable and exciting. Unfortunately, for me it was neither. I want the Green Lanterns to be my favourite characters / storyline in the DC Comics universe. It has everything that I want in a good book / comic book; space, heros, intergalactic travel to name a few. For me, it should be like Star Wars; an endless fascination that the more I delve into, the more I fall in love with it. This is what I truely want the Green Lanterns to be as what they stand for (for me personally at least) and what they do is something that I want to see more of.

I feel like unless the Green Lantern Corps storyline is perfect, it will never be good enough as I have such high expectations for what could happen. That being said, this storyline was a reasonable one. Hal Jordan returns (I did not realise that he had left, I have not read any of the New 52), only to find that the Sinestro Corps have taken the place for the Green Lantern Corps as the peace keepers and guardians of the known universe.

I feel like if they had decided to focus on one of storyline, instead of trying to juggle between Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns Corps, that whilst taking away from the overall understanding of what was happening, bringing a more cohesive and understandable plot that personally I found hard to keep track of.

A good story to show you that you can overcome fear, only if you have the will.


Have you read Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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