Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet Review


Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet

By Sam Humphries, Ethan Van Sciver (Artist), Jason Wright (Colourist), Travis Lanham (Letterer), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Ed Benes (Artist), Tom Derrick (Penciler), Robson Rocha (Penciler), Jack Herbet (Artist), Neil Edwards (Penciler), Tom Palmer (Inker), Jay Leisten (Inker), Keith Champagne (Inker), Rob Hunter (Inker), Mark Irwin (Inker), Vincente Cifuentes (Inker), Marc Deering (Inker), Blond (Colourist), and Geoff Johns (Written)

I received a free copy of Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.

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A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! 

New Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz debut a new era of emerald greatness, tackling the universe’s toughest beat: Earth. These rookie Lanterns promised to protect others in brightest day or blackest night, but as the “Red Planet” begins to rise, the duo finds themselves confronted with an unimaginable threat from Bleez and the Red Lanterns!

Rising star writer Sam Humphries (Planet Hulk, Starlord) and artist Robson Rocha (Earth 2: Worlds End, Birds of Prey) put on the rings with Green Lanterns, Volume 1: Rage Planet!

Collecting: Green Lanterns 1-6, Rebirth

Summary from Goodreads.

In Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet, we follow two new Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, and see them adapt to being Green Lanterns.

Jessica Cruz had not left her house in 3 years due to an anxiety problem caused by what I think of as very valid reasons in the past. Simon Baz is a current convict that received his Green Lantern Ring whilst still in prison. These two bring an interesting chemistry as to strangers being forced to work together.

Lets start with the storyline of Rage Planet. At times, I found it hard to understand the motivations of not just the Green Lanterns, but everyone else. Whilst the storyline as a whole makes sense, the actual details that they went with are not as fluid and cohesive as I would like. Without getting into spoiler territory, I do not understand why the Green Lantern Corps left 2 completer rookies with the job of protecting Earth from the Red Lanterns with no guidance or advice.

The art style was a tad hit-and-miss. At times, I spent a minute just looking at a panel because it was just stunning; but then when you have those stunning panels, everything else will seem a tad bland.

If you want to read a good book about self belief, the Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Rage Planet is an amazing book for you.


Have you read Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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