Top 5 Wednesday – Janurary 4th

Hi all and welcome to the first Top 5 Wednesday of 2017! Also my first Top 5 Wednesday on this blog!

This week for Top 5 Wednesday, it is your top 5 goals for 2017. They do not have to be book related goals, they can just be goals that you personally want to achieve. I was not really thinking of having any goals related to reading, but this made me realise that I probably should have some! I don’t have enough for 5 so I have included some other goals I have.

Top 5 Goals for 2017:

  1. My reading goal for 2017 is to read over 100 books (again). 100 seems like a reasonable number even though I read 158 books in 2016. I am only going to aim to read 100 because I am going to be traveling a lot more in 2017 with a trip to Australia booked for Janurary 19 – February 5th to play in some golf tournaments around Sydney. I am super excited to visit Australia as I have never visited even though it is the closest country to New Zealand. I will also be going to America in the middle of the year for, you guessed it, even more golf tournaments. I am not 100% sure exactly when and where I am going but I really want to go back and visit Denver again (that is where I went in July 2015 for a month to play golf).
  2. I would like to have reviewed over 100 book on Netgalley by the end of 2017. Currently I have reviewed 48 after being on their for just over a year and it has given me some amazing reads that I may have never read if I had not found them on their.
  3. A personal goal is to lower my scoring average to 75 off 5500 metre course by the end of 2017 in competitions. This is a golf goal that should not be a stretch for my capabilities but actually preforming in competitions has been a struggle in the past. My handicap is coming down to a 1.8 on the 11th of Janurary which is the lowest I have ever been!
  4. Again, another golf goal is to qualify for the USGA Womens Amateur Championship in 2017. This one is probably going to be the hardest goal to reach as I may shoot my best round of golf in my life but still be 1 shot behind qualifying as some just played better than me. Although results should not matter, unfortunately for where I want to take my golf I need to get results and qualifying for the USGA Womens Amateur Championship would not only be a great achievement for golf, but a personal step to me believing in myself in comparisons and getting that self belief.
  5. Not really a goal, but something that I have been wanting to do for over 2 and a half year now, finally see my best friend again! She came to New Zealand on an exchange in 2014 and left in June 2014 and I have not seen her since. I would absolutely love to meet her again, whether I go to Germany or we meet up in England with the rest of my family and attend the London Premier of Star Wars Episode VIII and try and get autographs! So I could say it is a goal to see her again but it is just something that both of us need to do.

Honourable mention:

I was going to include this, but I do not think of it as a goal, but more a nice to happen. I would love to get this blog to have over 200 subscribers by the end of 2017. The main reason why I am not making this a goal is 1) I have no idea how to promote this blog and 2) I do not really have much time to be able to. With so much already planned for this year, I will be struggling to post book review often enough. So more comic book review will be happening as they re quicker reads than 400 page novels.

So thats my first Top 5 Wednesday for 2017! Are you doing Top 5 Wednesday? If so link to your post in the comments! It is always interesting how different everyone’s tastes are! Click here to go to the Goodreads page for Top 5 Wednesday and click here to go to my archive page for all of my Top 5 Wednesday posts.

Until next Wednesday, Danielle.


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