2 thoughts on “Suggestions!

  1. Voted!

    Maybe do reviews of books outside of your comfort zone? 2 things can happen: 1- you like the book and find another genre to binge on. 2- you don’t really like it, and you’ve got a chance to put a bad review down. I think most book bloggers (myself included) read books we know we’ll like and all I see is book reviews of 3 stars and above.

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    1. 08dprice

      Thanks for voting! I do find that I do read very specific books as I have a reasonable idea as to which books I would like because I did go through a bad book reading period which made me start this blog as all the suggestions I had read were bad. Hopefully once I get though some books that I have lined up I will try to diversify my reading but it is hard because I know which genres I don’t like and just stay away from that section in the library. Buy thank you for giving me some ideas though!


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