Hit Squad Review


Hit Squad

By Sophie McKenzie

Hit Squad is the sixth and final book in the Medusa Project series.

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Hit Squad wrapped up the Medusa Project series but it has left room for potential for sequels. Hit Squad was written in Nico’s, Ketty’s, Ed’s and Dylan’s perspectives and seemed to conveniently jump to the next perspective just to avoid having to fully explain stuff.

I was most annoyed about how cleanly this series wrapped up. It seemed like everything had trap door that conveniently allowed them to get done what was needed. McKenzie tried to add i some plot twists but I saw them coming from a mile away. Not only was it predictable, but I am still at a loss as to what exactly the purpose of this book was (apart from wrapping up this series).

I would agree that this series is aimed at younger readers who want to read action-adventure books but not the likes of CHERUB or Bourne (which are both very different from each other).

Needless to say I am glad to have finished this series and crossed it off my TBR.


Have you read Double-Cross? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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