Superman: Red Son Review


Superman: Red Son

By Mark Miller, Dave Johnson (Illustrator), Kilian Plunkett (Illustrator), Andrew Robinson (Illustrator), Walden Wong (Illustrator)

Superman: Red Son collects issues #1 – #3 of red son.

Well this was so interesting. Superman: Red Son explores what may have happened if Superman’s crash landed in soviet controlled Ukraine instead of Kansas. How the rest of the world develops knowing that one of the most powerful people is the USSR’s poster boy. How Superman’s relationships with other superhero’s and villains have changed with his different allegiance.

The art style was very different to what you would expect, and it works for the setting of the story. The colour palate was well chosen and well represented the mood of the story.

The storyline was so interesting. It was not as fast paced as I thought it may have been, or would have liked it to have been, but that was not the purpose of this story (at least in my opinion). Honestly I could go on in detail about the story, but this one is defiantly better the less you know.

Red Son is another one of the comic books that everyone should read, just so that they can have an opinion on it.


Have you read Superman: Red Son? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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