Double-Cross Review



By Sophie McKenzie

Double-Cross is the fifth book in The Medusa Project series.

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Well this was defiantly a improvement from the first 4 book in this series. I found myself wanting to continue reading this one, which was quote nice.

Double-Cross is from Nico’s perspective this time, which at the start was quite annoy with his overuse of ‘babe’, but once he got over that and the action started it was enjoyable. Double-Cross was still written fairly simple and straight-forwards with most of the plot being predictable, bar a few exceptions.

Being set in Sydney, Australia for the majority of the book, it was a nice change to the other setting that they have been in. Also McKenzie added in some new character which gave this series some much needed refreshing and not knowing how the people think.

Only one more book in this series to go now!


Have you read Double-Cross? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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