Iron Man 3 The Movie Prelude Review


Iron Man 3 The Movie Prelude

By Will Pilgrim, Christos Gage, Ramon Rasonos (Illustrations)

Iron Man 3 The Movie Prelude collects Iron Man 2 Adaptation issue #1 – #2, Iron Man 3 Prelude issue #1 – #2 and Iron Man (2005) issue #1.

What a disappointment. I was expecting so much better than what I got. Since multiple stories are include in this, I will review them individually.

Iron Man 2 Adaptation

How did they manage to condense Iron Man 2 into a 2 issue comic book? I have no idea but to say that it sucked was an understatement. The second Iron Man movie was not the best I will admit, but this adaptation completely removed any of the enjoyment that I got from the movie. The art style did not manage to capture how Robert Downey Jr portrays Tony Stark and how the movie flows from one scene to another.


Iron Man 3 Prelude

The Iron Man 3 Prelude only gave context to how and why Tony Stark came up with the idea for the Iron Legion (it was after New York obviously). The surprising thing was that this prelude was focused on Rhodey and not Tony. Not to give too much away it sets up the events of Iron Man 3 almost too well and I wish that it had a better story than just a device to explain the events leading up to Iron Man 3.



Meh. The adaptation of Iron Man 2 sucked and the Iron Man 3 Prelude does not add much to the universe. You will not be missing much if you skip this.


Have you read Iron Man 3 Prelude? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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