Star Wars: Vader Down Review


Star Wars: Vader Down

By Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Mike Deodato (Illustrations), Salvador Larroca (Illustrations)

Vader Down collects Star Wars: Vader Down, issues #13 – #14 of Star Wars (2015) and issues #13 – #15 of Darth Vader.

Vader Down suffers from the predictability that occurs when you write a comic (or even a book or movie) that when you put a main character in a spot that you think they might not get out of it, but then think but ‘I know that they are alive in the next movie’ etc. As much as I love finding out more of this new Star Wars universe (as all the old canon is now Legends and anything can happen), it is going to suffer from what the old canon suffered from; that we know the fates of the main characters that majority of people care about. This completely destroys any tension or anticipation that the writers are trying to create. To be fair, if we did not know their fates before reading any of these fill-in novels / comics, then it may be a different story.

For me the main let down for Vader Down is the facial expressions. I could totally see which facial expressions that they wanted (as majority of them are ones straight from the movies), but they just did not fit.

Like I said earlier, with knowing the fates of everyone it does take away any suspense for the characters but the story line was still interesting enough to make up for this. Vader Down follows Darth Vader after he crash lands on Vrogas Vas after following Luke to an ancient Jedi Temple on the planet. Of course, all chaos ensues with some new characters introduced, some not entirely necessary but some that I would love to learn more about (yes Triple Zero is just great).

Overall I would recommend reading Vader Down as it is giving some valuable backstory and conflict to the original trilogy characters.


Have you read Star Wars: Chewbacca? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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