Star Wars Rebellion Volume 1: My Brother, My Enemy Review


Star Wars Rebellion Volume 1: My Brother, My Enemy

By Rob Williams, Michael Lacombe

Star Wars: Rebellion was underwhelming to say the least.

I am still trying to figure out what the storyline actually was, and what the writers had wanted to add to the Star Wars universe with this.

I was unable to connect to any of the characters, and I did not feel any worry for anyone in it. Although it did add some new characters into the fold, their motives and subsequent actions are extremely predictable. Not that I am saying that it is bad to have predictable characters, sometimes it adds to the story, but every action by everyone was so predictable that I even managed to guess what they were going to say next.

The art style was good for the big panels and the 2 page splash pages (those were my favourite parts of this graphic novel), but apart fro that I found it almost distracting. At times I was reading sone dialogue and the facial expressions did not match what was being said.

I do not know whether this is me just trying to find fault with it but in all honesty it is just not up to scratch. The only redeeming parts of it is the big panels and splash pages.

It is a good thing that this coming is now Legends as it had not added anything of value to the Star Wars universe.


Have you read Star Wars Rebellion Volume 1: My Brother, My Enemy? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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