The Rescue Review


The Recuse

By Sophie McKenzie

The Rescue is the third book in the Medusa Project series.

Check out my review of the second book, The Hostage here.

The Rescue is told in the perspective of Ed, the telepath. I found it very interesting to find out how exactly his telepathy works, as well as watching Ed experiment with the limits of it. The Rescue picks of where The Hostage left off, with the Medusa Gang being transported to a training camp in Spain due to the events of the previous book.

Not everything is as it seems at this camp as it becomes apparent within the first few chapters. Oh and the camp sucks. I would call it a behaviour training camp more than a ‘training camp’. Rich parents send their miss behaving children to it, and the Medusa crew are not taking any of that, especially Dylan.

Since the Medusa crew are forced to keep their powers on the down-low, they are not allowed to use them, but the camp administrator, Senor Fernadaz finds out about Ed’s telepathy and things just go from bad to worse.

The Rescue  was reasonably actioned packed but still very predictable. The best point about it is that we get to find out more of how Ed’s telepathy works.


Have you read The Rescue? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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