Captain America: First Vengeance Review


Captain America: First Vengance

By Fred Van Lente

Captain America: First Vengeance ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although it is not necessary to read any of these tie-in graphic novels, I would highly recommend reading any of them as they give additional backstory that is not included in the movies.

Since this is a movie tie-in, I expected the art style to be very close to who the movie feels, as well as what the characters look like. Unfortunately the art style used did not resemble the movie characters in any notable way. I found this to be very disappointing considering that Van Lente had access to set photos, costume photos and numerous other items that he could reference to make this tie-in as close to the movie as possible.

When a graphic novel is advertised as ‘The Offical Comics Prequel To The Marvel Studios Summer Blockbuster’ (that is what it says on the back), I expect the art work to very close to the movie.

The storyline jumps around from during WW2 (where majority of the Captain America, The First Avenger movie takes place), to 1930 when Steve was a young kid. It does not add too much plot in the overall scheme of things, but it does make some of the choices made in the movie make a lot more sense.

We also get to see how Steve and Bucky became friends, as well as their continuing friendship during WW2. My heart was very happy to find out how deep their friendship runs and from such a young age (and chances are that this will make Steve’s and Bucky’s friendship in Captain America: Civil War make more sense as well).


Have you read Captain America: First Vengeance? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Get it on Comixology here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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