Brainjack Review



By Brian Falkner

I remember trying to read this 4 – 5 years ago while I was in high school and I just was not able to get past the first chapter. So when I saw it in the library I had to try and read it again.

Having read multiple books from Falkner before, I have a rough idea as to his writing style and had high hopes for Brainjack. Fortunately it lived up to my expectations.

Some of this book will only make sense to people who work in the computer industry and understand how coding like php and MySQL work. Other parts of Brainjack will be perfectly fine, but it does feel like this will go over most peoples head due to the nature of the content. Fortunately I have a half-decent understanding of coding so I was not completely lost, although at times I was completely lost as to how DLL’s and the likes can be used in a novel like this. But then again at the end, Falkner does say that one of the coding and hacking codes were changed so that people were not able to understand and learn how to hack form this book.

Anyway, Brainjack starts of with Sam, a Sophomore at high school who is also an expert hacker. He get an ‘invite’ (well he has to hack an email he received to find the invite) to a hackers convention. From their, he has to try and hack into the Whitehouse to get into an elite group of hackers. Oh and a recent technology has come out that uses a cap-like sensor to remove the necessity of mouses, keyboards and computer screens.

Once Sam logically hacks into the Whitehouse, things go south.

The main thing with Brainjack that I got annoyed about was at the end inside the neruo (that is what those cap-like sensors are called) the writing, at least in my opinion, does not truely reflect what would be going on in someones mind whilst connect to the neuro in the way that they were.

Overall most people will get completely confused and lost as the amount of coding languages used will put people off reading Brainjack. But if you either understand coding, or are willing to potentially have half of the novel go over your head, then Brainjack is a must read.


Have you read Brainjack? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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