DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016 Review


DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016

By D.C. Comics

I received a free copy of DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016 for my honest opinion.

If you have no idea where to start in the DC Universe, then this is the perfect guide for you.

This DC Essential Graphic Novel 2016 shows readers where to start if you have no idea where they should start, and even readers who have been reading DC for along time to give them other recommendations.

If you only want to read about certain characters, then this Essential Guide tells you where it is recommended to start for each of their titular characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Flash, Green Arrow, Teen Titans etc.). Along with this handy guide, at the end their is a complete list of graphic novels (as either trade paperbacks or hardbacks, not single issues) by DC and Vertigo, so if you were wanting a checklist of sorts see what you have and what you want or need to read then this is perfect for you.

As well as showing DC most popular characters, it also shows some of their other non-superhero graphic novels. These recommendations are perfect if you want to read graphic novels, but are not interested in the superhero genre.

Also, if you watch the DC TV shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, iZombie to name a few), it explains which graphic novels influenced the TV shows, as well as showing the tie-in graphic novels that are available for both Arrow and The Flash.

This is not really a book or graphic novel, it is more of an guide as to where in the DC Universe you could start, and other DC and Vertigo graphic novels suggestions (as DC and Vertigo do produce graphic novels that are not part of the Superhero and Super-villan storylines.

Get it on ComiXology here.


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