Cruel Crown Review


Cruel Crown

By Victoria Aveyard

Cruel Crown is a novella bind-up of Queen Song and Steel Scars

Click here for my review of Red Queen; and here for my review for my review of Glass Sword.

Since each of these novellas are very different, I discuss each novella separately.

Queen Song

Queen Song follows Queen Coriane, Cal’s mother, from before she was at the palace right until her death. It has diary entries scattered throughout which does give some insight into her mind, but it felt that Queen Song was more meant to describe count life, and why King Tiberias acts the way he does act during Red Queen.

I wish that it had been longer, but that would have taken away the mysterious element that still sounds Queen Coriane, and her death.


Steel Scars

Steel Scars follows Captain Farley as she expands The Scarlet Guard’s operations into Notra. It was interesting to see how Captain Farley operates, and how she find Shade Barrow. I did not enjoy Steel Scars as much as Queen Song, mainly because I never found The Scarlet Guard very interesting compared to the Silver Bloods.



I don’t feel like these novellas have added much to this world as they should have. As much as I love Victoria Aveyard and her writing, I believe that she is better at writing full length novels where she is able to flesh out the plot and get into the nitty-gritty of it compared to these very short works where nothing major is added.


Have you read Cruel Crown? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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