Star Wars On Trial: The Force Awakens Edition Review


Star Wars On Trial: The Force Awakens Edition

By David Bryn and Matthew Woodring Strover

I received a free copy of Star Wars On Trial: The Force Awakens Edition for my honest opinion.

You have to be very interested in Star Wars to appreciate this book. Essentially, Star Wars On Trial is a bunch of hardcore Star Wars fans discussing (not really discussing, more like arguing) different aspects of Star Wars, like plot holes.

Their are 9 different ‘charges’ that have been argued.

  1. The Politics Of Star Wars Are Anti-Democratic And Elitist;
  2. While Claiming Mythic Significance, Star Wars Portrays No Admirable Religious Or Ethical Beliefs;
  3. Star Wars Novels Are Poor Substitutes For Real Science Fiction And Are Driving Real SF Of The Shelves;
  4. Science Fiction Filmmaking Has Been Reduced By Star Wars To Poorly Written Special Effects Extravaganzas;
  5. Star Wars Has Dumbed Down The Perception Of Science Fiction In The Popular Imagination;
  6. Star Wars Pretends To Be Science Fiction, But Is Really Fantasy;
  7. Women In Star Wars Are Portrayed As Fundamentally Weak;
  8. The Plot Holes And Logical Gaps In Star Wars Make It Ill-Suited For An Intelligent Viewer; and
  9. Considering All The Factors Above, Overall, Star Wars Has Been Damaging To Science Fiction Readers, Writers and Moviegoers.

Even though it is called ‘The Force Awakens Edition’, Star Wars On Trial does not contain ANYTHING to do with The Force Awakens.

I did enjoy Star Wars On Trial, and some of the points raised are quite valid; but since I found it misleading regarding ‘The Force Awakens’, overall it could have been better.


Have you read Star Wars On Trial: The Force Awakens Edition? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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