The Imitation Game (Graphic Novel) Review


The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded (Graphic Novel)

By Jim Ottaviani and Leland Purvis (Illustrator)

I received a free copy of The Imitation Game for my honest opinion.

If you go into reading The Imitation Game and expect it to be like the movie that came out in 2014, you will be disappointed. Although this graphic novel does share similar aspects to the movie, such as Turing decoding the Nazi code during WW2, The Imitation Game focuses more on how Alan Turing became the brilliant mind he was, and what happened to him after the end of WW2.

I really enjoyed The Imitation Game, this graphic novel as well as the movie. As someone who comes from a family who’s has worked extensively in the computer industry, and is personally considering a career in computer programming, i did find it easier to understand some of the more technical terminology used; although most people will find this go straight over their head.

The only thing about this graphic novel that I did not enjoy is use of interviewing Turing’s friends and family about him. At times it got confusing as to what was going on, but apart from that, this graphic novel was extremely enjoyable.

I would recommend The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded (Graphic Novel) to anyone who enjoyed The Imitation Game movie, as well as people who work or are interested in the computer industury.


Have you read The Imitation Game (Graphic Novel)? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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