False Idols Review


False Idols

By Alexis Grove

I received a free copy of False Idols for my honest opinion.

False Idols is the first book in the Aeon trilogy.

False Idols is told in the form of three different character perspectives: Sarah, an orphan; Nick, a rich kid and; Cruz, a former lawyer. These three individuals have very different perspectives on what is happening in the world during the events of this book.

False Idols is action packed right from the get go. It almost perfectly combined everything that I look for in a great book. Nothing was over or under explained, and False Idols had a nice flow throughout it. The only thing that I did not enjoy as much was the ending, in my opinion it could have been done slightly differently to get the cliffhanger that would have made me pace my room waiting for the next installment in the trilogy.

False Idols also explores what happens when humanity takes technology too far, and what the consequences are for this. I have never read a book around this concept before, but now I definitely want to read this more! Somehow, Grove perfectly blended the computer realm with the real one, almost making these realms a character of their own.

The ending was almost perfect for me, it just seemed to finish too cleanly. False Idols answered too many of the questions it made me ask, as I personally like to have to speculate what will happen next.

I would recommend False Idols to sci-fi fans, as well as anyone who is interested in how technology may affect the world on the future.


Have you read False Idols? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Check it out on Goodreads here.

Purchase it on Amazon here.


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