Carnelian Review



By B. Kristin McMichael

I received a free copy of Carnelian for my honest opinion.

Carnelian is the first book in The Chalcedony Chronicles.

I love time-travel books! I have always found it so interesting about the logistics of time-travel, and how it affects the future.

Mari has just gone off to college and even on here first day figures out not is as it seems about 3 boys. This makes things awkward since one of them has decided that she will be his next girlfriend. Mari does not let this distract her though, which I must say was a nice change to the usual girl pining over guy situation.

I wish that the time-travel aspect came into play earlier, but Mc Michael gave me just enough to keep my wanting more.

Probably my favourite thing about Mari was that she is a thinker. Mari constantly used her brains to solve problems in ways that I would never had thought of. She never let a challenge get the better of her, and she did not get into the dreaded ‘love-triangle’, which I hate. I just wish that the chapter titles were not as obvious as they were, as they spoiled the book more than I would have liked.


Have you read Carnelian? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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